Jobs in progress
                 updated August 21, 2011

                            Over 12 years of jobs in progress, update #119 !  
Jobs in progress has undergone a huge makeover. I edited nearly 400 pages, to make them easier to navigate. Here, you will find a wealth of informaton on the world's oldest builing trade, plaster, both interior plaster, and exterior cement plaster, also known as stucco. Please check it out. A table of contents is forthcoming, like I did on the Stucco News.

EIFS replaced with REAL stucco
McLean, VA
How to install EIFS
EIFS replaced with stucco
EIFS house, waiting to be peeled.
EIFS easily stripped off.

dryvit torn off
Snow on the roof in August ? White foam is everywhere.
How we tore off the dryvit. )
Chimneys are riddled with bird holes. These are sparrows.
More here..
Bird infestation in EIFS
more bird
                infestation in EIFS chimney
EIFS rots windows
Synthetic stucco peels off
Typical of the rot on windows on EIFS houses.
The foam traps water against the wall.
Also these windows had no flashing above the windows. This was partially due to neglect;
the EIFS industry had the audacity to claim that
their product was so waterproof, flashing wasn't
EIFS is a plastic cloth embedded with an adhesive mixed with Portland cement, then a
finish coat. The finish coat is a highly toxic acrylic paint, usually mixed with plastic "sand".
Here the plastic cloth was put directly on the concrete, instead of foam board.
Stucco house in Chevy Chase, MD
for Banks Development
Stucco house in Chevy Chase,
Stucco wrap on house in Chevy
                Chase, Maryland
The windows have a black flashing put
on the framing before the windows were set.
This is good insurance there will never be rot.

More details and a video here..
A view of our flashing over the window
head. What ? Stucco wrap ? There is a code in Montgomery County requiring
stucco wrap, which is why I may never do any work here again. We covered the
stucco wrap with a layer of tar paper.
You may have seen my stucco wrap test
Stucco house in Chevy Chase, Maryland
Stucco house in Chevy Chase,
Above: Flashing over water table is overlapped
with tar paper and self furring metal lath.
Above Right: Typical of our jobs is a "wash",
or a curve at the bottom. This adds a barrier
against water infiltration, and looks cool.


Video A video on how we put on our version of
a mission finish.    -------->

Mission finish on cement stucco

Finestone aggregated stucco
Annandale, VA
Synthetic aggregate finish
Old finestone  is falling off due to years of
water infiltration. The culprit here is the fact the
top is flat, allowing water to soak through.

More here..
The top had been re coated with some synthetic stuff which looked like a water sieve. It probably did more harm than good.
More here.
Brown coat rodded off
Top of stucco knee wall
ABOVE: New brown coat is rodded off.

ABOVE RIGHT: A tool we made out of plastic trim to run the round tops. The rounded tops should shed water and protect our work for years to come.

RIGHT: Finish is applied and rocks are thrown in. Finestone was used a lot in the 1960's here
in northern Virginia and the Washington, DC
More here.

Finestone finish