EIFS replaced with REAL stucco
McLean, VA

EIFS done right
EIFS chimney
EIFS about to be stripped off chimney.
9 year old chimney already has severe rot typical of EIFS houses.
deteriorated chimney repaired
EIFS removed
Chimney rebuilt by carpenters.

More snow in August. EIFS stripped off the rear of the house.
EIFS removal
EIFS removal
EIFS is a plastic cloth, stuck on foam.
Here, the plastic cloth is pulled off.
Foam looks like snow on the roof.
EIFS rot under windows.
Most of the EIFS on the house fit into
one dumpster load. The foam packs down and doesn't take up much space.
Under the windows had some rot, but not too bad. For the most part, we just let it dry out.
Mildew on EIFS house
The black mildew was sprayed with bleach. We didn't find any of the black mold or green mold that we find sometimes on these EIFS tear offs.
This foam is light and blows all over the place. A leaf vacuum works well to clean it up.

Kick out flashing on chimney
Rot under window on EIFS housef
A kick out flashing is put under the step flashing on this block chimney. Later, the step flashing is covered with a counter flashing. This is important for any material, including siding, brick, or whatever. The kick out deflects water into the gutter instead of running down between the gutter and the wall.
Rot on the wood trim is typical of EIFS installations. This may have been partly avoided by flashing over the windows.

Lack of flashing above the window causes rot below the window.
Don't believe me ? Here's photographic

Rusty chimney cap
Chimney cap painted
Another sad comment on our building industry is these sorry metal chimney caps they use on new houses. Cap is badly rusted after 9 short years. Note how the water pools in the center, indicating the cap is sloped toward the center, instead of away from the center.
Probably not necessary, but I painted the metal cap with rustoleum, before we cover it with lath and stucco.

You may have seen how we do our chimney caps. If not, please check back when I update again.
graffiti on stucco chimney
Why did I use yellow paint instead of a different color ? I can use the leftover paint for signs, graffiti, etc.

This is a big house. We'll be here for a while. Please check back to see how we put it back together.