Jobs in progress-updated July 4, 2011               
                                                               Over 12 years of jobs in progress, update #118 !

Greetings from Virginia, the most historic state.
All exterior finishes you see are REAL Portland cement and REAL sand and not the TOXIC SYNTHETIC (fake) junk that comes out of a bucket.
Did you know that making SYNTHETIC STUCCO finish, acrylic paint and other TOXIC building materials generates more pollution than all the car exhaust in the world ?

Stucco replaced
Capitol Hill area
Washington, DC

Stacey poses

Stacey shows approval for her new stucco.

Humpy, bumpy, stucco
                dumpty, stucco falls off the wall
Humpy, bumpy stucco.
This addition was stuccoed years ago, and was
due for replacement.
Humpty, dumpty, stucco falls off the wall.
Poorly done stucco didn't bond well.

Crumbly bottom


Flaky stucco is typical when stucco is brought
down tight to the slab.



Finished. Stucco has a white portland and sand

Traditional stucco

The Pebble Dash kings still rock
Stucco addition in Washington, DC
for Tom Dowling
Universal Craftsman

pebble dash stucco addition
Existing pebble dash stucco
Another pebble dash stucco addition
A view of the old house. This old style of stucco is our bag.

                                                                            Stucco addition in
                                                                            Alexandria, VA
                stucco addition

Self furring
                metal lath
We rejoin our heroes from last time at this stucco
addition in Alexandria,VA.


Darrell's house Washington, DC

Dry dash pebble dash stucco
Here's the fourth addition we have
done on Darrell's house.

I hope we do 4 more.

Back of townhouse stuccoed in Washington, DC.
Townhouse stucco in Washington, DC

Finish is White portland cement and white sand.

We did the side 6 years ago, it just
never made it to my site.

                                                                         Synthetic stucco torn off
                                                                        in Arlington, VA
install dryvit,
              total wall, sonneborn
This synthetic stucco is easily torn off with a garden spade.
This is the fake stuff that the unfair competition pawns off as real stucco to a unwitting public.
The basecoat is thin, only about
1/4", instead of the 3/4" standard
for real stucco, and has a highly
toxic synthetic finish coat.
These lying crooks that put this on steal millions from the consumer and from legimate contractors in unfair competion. 5 year old installation is already falling apart.

For more about toxic synthetic finishes...

House in Chevy Chase, MD
for Banks Development
Conventional stucco on new
New house in Chevy Chase will have a color
from EXPO stucco and  a steel trowel finish.

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