EIFS replaced with REAL stucco McLean, Virginia

Details-decorative features.

stucco  scored to look like block
groover tool
Wall by kitchen door is also scored to look
like block. The brown coat and the finish coat are both scored.
A groover tool is made from a scrap weep
screed and a 2 x 4 block.
Window surrounds and sills
stub nails using a magnet
Window surrounds and sills are formed with
lumber. The surrounds with 1 by, and the
sills with 2 by. This provides goodwater run off.

Metal lath is nailed on the brown coat with
stub nails using a magnet.
The surround has a scratch coat
The heavy band has a angle put on the top
The surround has a scratch coat put on first,
and filled in.
The heavy band has a angle put on the top
for water run off. A guide strip is nailed on
and the top is filled.
decorative stucco band
cove moulding.
A decorative band is formed and filled.
The cove moulding is done in two steps.
First, the top band is filled and allowed to set up.
A second strip is nailed on at the diameter
of the water bottle. A strip of metal lath is nailed on for insurance the cove won't fall off.
water bottle
Cove is nice and round
This water bottle was perfect for this. It even had a handle. We ran a cove all the way around
the house and the first bottle didn't wear out.
Cove is nice and round, Please check back
for the finished pictures.

4 of the windows have a 3 step sill
Arch surroundsf
4 of the windows have a 3 step sill, each layer formed and filled on at a time.
Arch surrounds are formed with flexible lumber, and filled in.
front chimney
The front chimney  has a drip edge, and a
3 step band detail.
The keystone is set by driving a nail into
the wall to hang it like a picture.
A hole is drilled in the back to hang it like a picture. The mortar is put on in a ring. The air space in the middle has a suction cup like effect
for better adhesion. Also, there is plenty of Flex con in the mortar.
A real keystone.
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This project had plenty of interesting details. Please check back for the next update to see the finished project