EIFS replaced with REAL stucco
McLean, VA

Flashing, tarpaper and lath

EIFS done right
EIFS chimney
Sometimes these gutter helmets cause water funnels. A hole is cut in the gutter helmet and covered with a lath type gutter guard. This allows water to enter from the kick out flashing. The downspout on the right indicates the gutter is pitched toward the wall. The heavy volume of water from this steep roof poured on this helmet and ran behind the wall.
Dormers and roof intersections were counter
flashed with this pre bent roof apron.

They say on a steep roof like this, a 6/12 pitch, a counter flashing isn't necessary.
It is necessary on a 5/12 pitch or less.

Like they say about a little chicken soup,
it can't hurt. Or is that a little pasta?
deteriorated chimney repaired
EIFS removed
These step flashings were made to leak.
They only turned up the wall about an inch, and were put on OVER the EIFS, instead of behind it.
The faux slates are made from recycled tires.
They should last forever, or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.
We cut new step flashings, put on a counter
flashing and a metal plaster stop.
  When this is covered with 2 layers of tar paper, lath and 3/4" of stucco, it won't leak, I promise.
EIFS removal
EIFS removal
Each step has a weep screed covered with a strip of metal lath. Note how we cut masonite to cover the steps.
Round windows are a challenge to flash.
A cut is made about every inch to flex the
flashing. The flashing is then sealed with tape and a layer of tar paper.
EIFS rot under windows.
Don't forget the electric meter. We flashed the electric meter, too. Too bad these electric meters are ugly battleship grey. Foxhole brown
would look better.
Dormer flashed and covered with plaster stop. We found these homemade chicken ladders a safe way to scaffold dormers.
Mildew on EIFS house
Lath is put on the plywood ceiling with screws. Stucco ceilings are permanent.
Plaster stop allows the wall on this bay window to protrude below the ceiling, preventing water from running back on the ceiling.
Kick out flashing on chimney
Rot under window on EIFS housef
Lath is shot on with a coil nailer and 1-1/4"
roofing nails.
Another view of the weep screed flange covered with a strip of metal lath.
lathing finished

Looks better already. Lath on, mortar next.

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