Jobs in progress-updated FEBRUARY 26,1999

Richard's house
Alexandria, VA

water damagedWalls ripped out

Before-room water damaged                            Walls ripped out- ceiling next
by roof leaking for years.

stairway to rooInside-ripped out to replaster

Penthouse-stairway to roof we                          Inside-ripped out to replaster
stuccoed last Summer

Richard wears wild tee shirts

                                        Richard wears wild tee shirts

Stucco addition, Chevy Chase, DC
addition we stuccoedstucco the porch

Here's the addition we stuccoed                We're back to stucco the porch
on Aberfoyle December

quick arch
A quick arch is made by wedging
a piece of masonite and filling with
mortar. Later, masonite is removed
and wall is finish coated.

       Old townhouse re stuccoed
            Alexandria, VA

balconyExpo Stucco

Finally warm enough to work.                           Front.Finish coat is a stucco finish
Inside view of balcony.                                      I had shipped from Expo Stucco in
                                                                      San Diego