Jobs in progress-updated FEBRUARY 12,1999

Richard's house
Alexandria, VA

plaster is finishedplaster
    The plaster is finished in          The  Room where Richard
two of the same rooms from       was pulling out nails - plaster
before finished                              torn out and redone

Plaster columnspulley
  Plaster columns                                          A pulley is used to lift materials up and
  torn out and redone                                   old plaster and trash out

Keystones on
stucco townhouse

Alexandria, Virginia

Keystones are made by first forming the stones over the windows with 1 X 2's and filling in with cement mortar. After the stones set overnight, the keystones are formed and filled.
    Keystones and the first layer are reinforced with metal lath and nails.
      This method provides a far superior product over gluing styrofoam to the
A band at the top of the wall A band at the top of the wall is formed with 1 x 3's to duplicate the cast stone on the  original house.