Jobs in progress-updated November 23, 2001

Second and Third floor addition
Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

old town Alexandria Fog coat applied with a garden spraye
Second and Third floor addition on this
townhouse in old town Alexandria.
Fog coat applied with a garden sprayer.
A white portland cement finish was applied
and colored with a fog coat from LaHabra
Jack arches over the windows Finish coat was colored with black oxide
Jack arches over the windows duplicate
the precast stones on the existing house.
Finish coat was colored with black oxide
to match the precast stones.

Stucco balconies
Great Falls, Virginia

balconies balconies
metal corner beads Top left:
We stuccoed Scott's house 9 years ago.
The floors leaked on the balconies. They
finally fell apart and had to be rebuilt.

Top right:
Wall is straightened with a string line.
This assures the wooden cap will align
at the top.

Here's why we don't use metal corner beads
any more. They rust and stain the wall.
Also, there is always a hollow area behind
the bead that is weak and tends to split.

Another addition
Chevy Chase area

Drag type finish Not bad
Drag type finish is duplicated on this addition. Not bad

Stucco addition

homemade expansion joint Wall is rodded off
A view of a homemade expansion joint.
We made it with a concrete groover.
Wall is rodded off with a straight 1 by 4.
Everybody forgot the metal rods. Is the wall
straight? I guarantee it.

third and fourth floor addition spanish texture
This pulley arm built on the house helps us
get everything up to this third and fourth floor addition. This addition is in the Dupont Circle area, Washington, DC
 Remember the new house in Delaplane, Virginia ? The owner didn't like the spanish texture, so we're getting paid to coat it over. Here is a grey portland bonding coat we put on before the new finish