Jobs in progress
                 updated March 05, 2012

                           Over 13 years of jobs in progress, update #122 !  
Jobs in progress contains some 400+ pages. Here, you will find a wealth of informaton on the world's oldest builing trade, plaster, both interior plaster, and exterior cement plaster, also known as stucco. Please check it out. A table of contents is forthcoming, like I did on the Stucco News.

Elk Hill Farm
Goochland, Virginia
Historic stucco replaced in Goochland, Virginia
Faux stone blocks in
                Goochland, VA
Phase 2, or the back wing, finished with white portland
cement and river sand from the James river.
The finish coat was scored to look like limestone
blocks. You may have seen the work we did on the original building here, in 2008.
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                plaster repair
historic chimney
                repaired in Goochland, Virginia
The inside plaster suffered earthquake damage,
and was in need of repair.
Here, metal lath is screwed over the original
1836 hand-split wood lath.
More details here
The brick chimney on Mary's cottage was another
victim of the earthquake. We rebuilt the bricks on the
chimney and stuccoed it, too.
See how we did it here
Stucco over spalled brick
Manassas, Virginia
Stucco over
                spalled brick in Manassas, Virginia

Chimney repaired and stuccoed in Manassas, VA

spalling brick stuccoed in Manassas, VA


House looks new again with a REAL colored cement finish on the bottom floor.
Color is "Smoke", #70 from Expo stucco mixed
triple strength.


Diamond accent and the band on top are
colored lighter for contrast.


Badly deteriorated brick had been patched
and patched and just looked shabby.

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Stucco addition
Arlington, VA
Stucco addition in Arlington, Virginia
Stucco addition in Arlington, VA
Addition matches the old 1920's house.
Check out more info here
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Plaster repaired in
Manassas, Virginia
Plaster repair in Manassas, Virginia

Patching mechanical rooms is a necessity for
fire and sound ratings.

Suspended metal lath and
plaster ceilings have a better fire rating than any
other material.

These old suspended plaster ceilings were
repaired for Norair