Color stucco house in Bethesda
Details of the color finish coat.

Here's how we did it:

Walls that are faux blocks are troweled.

The mortar is troweled almost smooth for a stone like effect.

Close up shows mottling and pits

Joints are scored using a speed square.

Area above the water table has a float finish.

Bottom is scored ike block.

Garage is finished and rubbed with a rubber float.

Color is mixed in a garbage can 20 gallons at a time.

Dry mix is white portland, lime and white sandblasting sand.

The back of the house shows our stucco sills.

Sills are REAL cement and no cheap, flimsy foam.

A view of the chimney side.

Color variations and mottling show this is REAL color stucco.

A close up of our float finish.

We used medium sand blasting sand.

Front entrance showing our faux blocks.

Big house finally finished.