MORE Old Stucco Gallery
from 1999

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made to
              look like cast concrete stones stuccoed over the 1950's permastone
A stucco front we did in 1990 made to look
like cast concrete stones. We did the window
sills and even the caps on the stair rails.
We worked in the evenings, after working all day in Northeast Washington plastering a hospital. This is near Dupont Circle in
Washington, DC
An old house in Alexandria, VA. We
stuccoed over the 1950's permastone,
in 1996.

The finish coat is a color stucco finish
from Expo stucco in San Diego.

              addition we did in old town Alexandria in 1993 An attractive addition we did in
old town Alexandria, Virginia in 1993.

The copper roof and redwood offers
a nice contrast with the white stucco.

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                                                My front stairs
                                               Location: My house
              concrete steps Spalling
Badly spalling concrete steps were
repaired with stucco.

 Areas that had fallen apart
were partially filled with portland cement
mortar and an acrylic additive.

Spalling areas were blocked out (filled)
and old paint removed with a grinder.


pumpkin-orange stucco finish A pumpkin-orange stucco finish applied.
The falling leaves stain the unsealed
stucco, but I don't mind. I like the old
look. If I don't like it, I can coat it over again. 
I fixed my steps at a fraction of the cost of new concrete, And the stucco is more resistant to spalling.

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