House stuccoed
in Alexandria, VA

old paint chipped off
old stucco off, new lath on
Paint is chipped off the old bricks for the stucco application. The stucco on the top floor is stripped off and new self furring lath applied.
weep screed
lath on house
A weep screed is nailed at the bottom. The weep
screed allows water to escape from the bottom,
and defines the wall thickness, in this case, an
honest 3/4".
House all lathed, ready for mortar.
lath on ready for mortar
counter flashing on metal roof
Another view of the front. This picture shows overlapping the counter flashing on the new metal roof with tar paper.
flashing over window
scratch coat on bricks
The flange on top of the window is covered
with tar paper and strips of metal lath.
The scratch coat is applied. We mixed the mortar for the scratch coat with an acrylic bonder to make sure it never comes off.
acrylic bonder for stucco
finish coat
This is a commercial for Flex-con, an acrylic
bonding admixture.
The flex-con is mixed half and half with
water. The mortar is dry mixed in the mortar
box, then shoveled into buckets of our
flex-con mix, and mixed with a drill.
Putting on the finish coat.
cement color coat
another view of the finished wall
The big wall on the side of the house sure
looks nice with no expansion joints.
Another view of the finished front.
beautiful stucco
traditional stucco

Back side. Garage
scratch coat
The hole on the front has a nice glow in the evening.