Siding replaced with stucco
Capitol Hill area
Washington, DC
Old pebble stucco
Deck flashing
The old stucco beneath the siding was in good shape
except for a few holes and cracks from the siding installation. The old finish was a dry dash where the pebbles are thrown into the mortar. It was real solid and could be re-coated.
The photo shows putting on deck flashing, and a strip of metal lath on the flashing. This should stop any further deterioration of the deck and the ledger board.
Fascia board replaced
Bonding coat
We removed the gutter and replaced the fascia board at the top.
The old stucco was first coated with a bonding coat,
mixing an acrylic admixture in the mortar.
More about re-coating old stucco.
Bonding coat floated
Color stucco finish
The bonding coat is rubbed down with a rubber float.
This leaves the surface rough and the pores open for a good bond with the finish.
Color is "Sand dollar" from EXPO stucco.