Cool Stucco shower

Shower front Shower inside.
A view of the curved shower.
The top was left flat in case someone wanted to use it for a shelf;
The flat wall areas have metal lath nailed up
prior to plastering.
Random texture and color differences add
movement and depth to the completed work.
Shower bricks bricks finished
Shower starts life as bricks laid on
concrete floor.
If we used framing, wood or metal, it would
require bracing to the ceiling. Bricks allowed a free standing wall. Also, mortar bonds well to the brick.
soap dish soap dish rough out
Soap/shampoo shelf is sculptured into wall. Four bricks are stood up to add space for the shelf.
stucco shower stucco shower
Scratch coat on metal lath and bricks. After brown coat has set up overnight,
top is formed with strips of masonite.
I like using hilti pins instead of masonry nails.
stucco shower stucco shower
Edges for soap shelf are formed and filled,
awaiting the finish coat.
Finished floor. 
stucco shower stucco shower
 the floor and walls up to about 6 inches are
painted with a rubbery membrane material.
Here I put down metal lath and I am plastering the floor.
I used a real coarse sand for the finish coat
because it drags random pits and irregularities. I hope to more of these  showers in the future