Jim's house
Washington, DC
Old stucco torn off windows never had any flashing
Old stucco torn off. Patches always tend to show. Here stucco is torn off allowing whole wall to be done end to end without patches. One by 10 sheathing still in good condition after 77 years. Except for one small area of rot under the corner of one window, sheathing and framing lumber are still in good shape. Not bad considering the windows never had any flashing, and the windows were never caulked. We flashed the windows.
Homemade tar paper Tearing off the old stucco
Homemade tar paper was a thin brittle sheet
of tar with no paper.
Tearing off the old stucco.
How we did the floating wash Sticks are used to prop up plastic
How we did the floating wash- Bottom is furred out allowing a furring strip to be attached to the bottom. Later bottom strip is removed forming bottom edge of wash Sticks are used to prop up plastic keeping mortar from splattering stone work.
Note the vertical channel we cut into the wash. It is for the downspout.
Brown coat finished Finish coat is grey portland
Brown coat finished waiting for the one by form to be removed. Finish coat is grey portland and coarse concrete sand and matches what we did 7 years ago.