Jobs in progress-updated March. 15, 2006

Pebble dash stucco on new house
Chevy Chase, MD

pebble dash stucco chimney Pebble dash stucco on new house
Roof cam high above roof tops in Chevy Chase. The metal cap on top is covered with  lath and stucco. Float finish is much smoother than the pebble dash chimney not only for decorative effect but for better water run-off. 
Top is rounded from the center out. The drip  edges or ledges on the cap protect our chimney on into the far future. Color is Mesa Verde from La Habra stucco for a cut stone-like appearance. 
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Bottom is flared out  not only for decorative reasons but functions to deflect water away from the building. The bottom edge extends down  below the stone work and projects out from the wall, forming a drip edge that directs water away from the wall. 
Pebble dash stucco on new house A view of the whole house. We did the bottom floor. The top floor gets cedar shakes. Another 
new house in an old neighborhood. 

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Bad stucco redone
Chevy Chase, MD

Bad stucco redone Bad stucco redone
 Finish color is  "Southern Moss" from La Habra stucco. 


 A good picture of the color-at least on my monitor. Finish is REAL portland cement  and REAL sand and not the fake stuff that comes out of a bucket. 
Bad stucco redone
Garage side. 


Plaster mouldings restored
Daughters of 1812
Washington, DC

Plaster mouldings restored We finished the moldings from the last update. For a couple of tricks on how we do the miters (inside corners) more.. .

Veneer plaster

Veneer plaster Veneer plaster.
Veneer plaster basecoat is applied to blue board before the finish coat. Smooth curves on this skylight show off the versatility of plaster.