Jobs in progress-updated March 29,1999

A stucco addition
Washington, DC

A stucco addition
 Self-furring lath is stapled

with a roofing stapler
and air compressor


How we make outside corners without corner beads.
In the old days, an outside corner in plastering was
called an "arris". An inside corner is called an "angle".
wood strip filled and rodded off
A wood strip-a 1X4 is set  with a level and nailed. Wall is filled and rodded off
nailed on the other side and filled checked for straightness with a rod
After wall sets up overnight, strip is 
nailed on the other side and filled. 
When strip is removed, we have a
reasonably straight corner with out a
metal corner bead.

I quit using metal beads because
they rust and tend to split.
This is the old fashioned way.
It works.
Wall checked for straightness
with a rod.

A rod is straight-edge use to straighten
After wall is rodded off
and sets up, it is rubbed
down with a float.
This makes the surface neat
and rough for a good bond
with the finish coat.
We're using a color finish
from California.
The base coat will wait a 
week before the finish is applied.
Please come back for the finish coat.
rubbed down with a float
                                    Stucco townhouse
                                                 Alexandria, VA

We allow the brown coat to cure

Side wall browned.
We allow the brown coat to cure
1 week before applying
the finish

                       Richard's House
gutted 3 more roomsgutted 3 more rooms

We gutted 3 more rooms at Richard's
We're now browning.
We have some real fancy jobs coming up.
Please come back.

Richard's T-shirt
Richard works on the wiring.
I like Richard's T-shirts