Jobs in progress-updated August 31, 1999

Stucco remodel in Oakton, Virginia

"Steps" are made on chimney "Steps" are made on chimney
by nailing a 2x4 around the
chimney and filling in. This
is the first layer.
The top step is formed by nailing 2x4's around the bottom layer
and filling in. This takes about
3 applications to fill in all the
These chimney steps are my
design. They are to keep water
and ashes from running down
the chimney and staining it, as
well as a decoration.
The top step is formed
A drip edge is made on the soffit Soffit filled and strip removed
A drip edge is made on the soffit
by nailing a "V"-shaped strip of wood to the bottom. This keeps  water from running back to the window
Soffit filled and strip removed,
ready for the finish coat.
This method is our design. They
make a metal joint for this, but I
like the home made look a lot 
Window sills ingenious tool
Window sills are made by forming with lumber and filling in. The sills
keep water from getting in behind the stucco and popping it off.
Maynor makes an ingenious tool
for running the window sills
Soffits finish coat
Soffits (eaves) are finished first to
prevent mortar from dripping on the finished wall. 
Putting the finish coat on the second floor.

Holiday Inn
Old Town Alexandria, VA

stucco arch Alexandria
A Truck smashed into the stucco arch at the Holiday Inn. If you have ever been to Old Town
Alexandria, you know where this is.

Plaster remodeling project
Arlington, Virginia

Patching plaster arch
Patching plaster in house remodeling where doors and walls were removed This nice old arch is being duplicated at the entrance to kitchen (background)