Jobs in progress-updated July 14, 2010
               Over 11 years of jobs in progress, update # 113 !

Stucco addition and remodel in McLean, Virginia
for Gilday renovations

Traditional stucco addition
I couldn't stand back far enough to take a picture of the whole addition. Color is a custom color from Expo stucco.
How we did it..
Random texture is dashed on with a brush, and then knocked down when it sets. I have heard this kind of finish called a "nickel-dime" texture, but I hate the expression.
How we did it..

                  over brick water table

Here is a  view of the flashing over brick water table.
Gilday's carpenters did a nice job of the flashing.
The bottom of the stucco will have a wash (curve)
to cover the flashing.
The windows all have a pan flashing underneath to prevent
water damage.

How we did it...

1920's stucco house re-done in
Washington, DC, still the home
of taxation without representation
Stucco re surfaced
Two Sacajawea dollar coins are embedded in the finish coat, one showing heads, and one showing tails.
How we did it...
Salvador proudly displays our finished product.
How we did it...
Cement stucco finish coat

New cement color finish applied. Color is from
Expo stucco.

More details...
Siding replaced with stucco
Arlington, Virginia
Side view
Bold, earthy colors accent the real stones. New windows
are put in and electical cables are removed and run underground.
.More details...
Finished gable. You may remember this house from our last update where we tore off the aluminum siding.
Color cement finish is our own recipe, with a custom color from Expo stucco.
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Stucco remodeling and addition
for Case Design and remodeling

 Stucco for case design
              stucco band

Roof is raised and new windows put in.
Finish coat is white portland cement, lime, and white sand.
A decorative band is used to hide the joint between the old and the new. The photo shows the band is formed
with lumber, then filled with a strip of metal lath and cement mortar. Later the forms are removed and the wall is finished. I would be embarrassed to be seen gluing styrofoam to the wall like you see on so many new houses.

Patch and Match
Chimney patch
Photo of a routine chimney patch, showing where we cut back the stucco, replaced to old deteriorated steel flashing with aluminum, then patched the stucco.

I made a separate page for Patch
and Match, because I have something to
important to say.
How we did it...