Jobs in progress-updated April 29, 2009

Over 10 years of jobs in progress, update # 105 !Greetings from Virginia, birthplace of our country.
All finishes you see are REAL portland cement and REAL sand and not the synthetic(fake) crap that
comes out of a bucket.

Terrace re-stuccoed
Washington, DC

Terrace re-stuccoed in Washington, DC Terrace re-stuccoed and decorative features
Off center tile inlays beckon the visitor to climb the stairs. Stairs are stucco, too. Quarry tile inlay matches the "losa", or quarry tile on the patio floor. Note how tops of columns are rounded for good water shed. Color on walls is #53 from La Habra stucco. Stairs are #478, "trabuco".
Most of this project is my design.

More details here
Scuppers, or drainage channels, are made from "tejas", or spanish barrel tiles. The boys did a nice job on the moulding, which mimics the house. The band at top provides a drip edge, and mimics the bands and sills on the existing circa 1920 stucco house.
Terrace re-stuccoed Quarry tile cap adds color and functionality.
Quarry tile matches old patio floor and our inlay. Tiles are grouted with the same stucco color for a true embedded look.


Re-stucco on
old townhouse
Washington, DC

Re-stucco on old townhouse Re-stucco on old townhouse
Stars brighten up this chocolate
brown wall. Stars are placed on the
location of the old washers. The
odd spacing adds a cool effect
and attracts attention to our wall.

I spray painted the cast iron stars
white. Stars were put on the brown coat and the finish coat put on last to add an embedded look. Stucco color is a custom mix from Expo stucco in San Diego.


Historic stucco replaced
Georgetown area
Washington, DC

Historic stucco replaced Georgetown area Washington, DC Historic stucco replaced Georgetown area Washington, DC
Old wall redone to authentic historic appearance on this 1828 building in Georgetown.
Color is yellow sand and white
portland cement. In those days they would have used sand from the Potomac river, two blocks away, and white lime from the limestone kilns here in Georgetown.
Old mortar removed from old soft porous brick with an electric chipping hammer.
Bricks are chipped for a good bond.

Historic stucco replaced Georgetown area Washington, DC

LEFT: Still below freezing the first
week of March. Plastic heat tent
allows work to proceed in sub-freezing temperatures.


Stucco addition
Westover area
Arlington, Virginia

Stucco addition Westover area Arlington, Virginia

Redwood details are put on our finished wall.

Color is "oatmeal" from Merlex stucco in Orange, California.