Pebble dash bungalow re-stucco
Arlington, VA
One by ten sheathing tarpaper around the windows.
One by ten sheathing is still in excellent condition. This is typical of old houses we re-stucco. Sometimes we find sheathing is
put on a 45 degree angle. Note the gap between the boards to allow for building movement, expansion, etc.
WINDOWS HAVE NEVER BEEN CAULKED AROUND and the framing  and sheathing are 
in good condition after almost 90 years.
We left on a few inches of the tarpaper around the windows.
home made tarpaper close up of the window trim
This is typical of the home made tarpaper
we find from houses built in this time period. The tar, or black stuff was painted on paper and was still sticky when the wood lath was put on, as indicated by the impressions of the wood lath in the tar.
The paper is a thick, pulpy paper like rosin paper. Some times it is thin, like newspaper. Other times the paper isn't painted at all.
A close up of the window trim shows the windows have only one coat of paint, probably put on when the house was new. Still the wood trim isn't rotten.
The window never had flashing, but had an angled drip molding at the top for good water run off.
termite damage stucco on the columns
We replaced some of the studs on the columns. The wood that came in contact with the ground had some termite damage. Tarpaper and lath on columns. We replaced the stucco on the columns and side wall. The rest of the house was in good shape.
tarpaper and self-furring metal lath Finished column
New tarpaper and self-furring metal lath applied. Finished column matches old work on the money.
pebble mix pebble finish
Dashing on the pebble mix. Plastic on the scaffold is a splatter shield. Close up of the pebble finish.
pebble dash kings Side wall and column finished. We are still the pebble dash kings.