EIFS Garbage torn off,
Cement stucco put on- part 1

Chimneys had much rot chimney had rotted and fell out.
Chimneys had much rot. Photo shows wet, rotten OSB sheathing. This part of the chimney had rotted and fell
out. One chimney had to be rebuilt, the other
had one side replaced.
              flashing EIFS
Extensive rot below roof intersection.
This may have been prevented with a counter
flashing, and a kick-out flashing.
Imagine the arrogance of the EIFS manufacturers who claimed no flashing was
needed because their product was waterproof.
Membrane is peeled off like an orange.
Sheathing to the left is wet and rotted.

If the advancement of a civilization is shown
by it's buildings, it sure is a sad comment on our society they make buildings out of EIFS garbage.

              sheathing replaced Garage side
Rotted sheathing replaced. Under the windows had rot. Garage side peeled. A lot of areas were in good shape.
Carlos rods
              off mortar quoins.
Quoins and
              jack arches TOP LEFT: Brown coat on garage. 
Carlos rods off mortar with a 6 foot rod.

TOP: Quoins and jack arches are formed with
furring strips and filled with lath and mortar.

LEFT: Forms removed revealing the quoins.
Finish coat will be REAL cement and REAL
sand colored with "Pacific Sand"  from LaHabra Stucco.