Jim's house
Arlington, Virginia

              fascia board
A view of the breathable fascia board, which avoided putting a soffit vent in my beautiful ceiling. I stole the idea from Brian's house.
Siding off, metal lath on. Note how we took off the
old fascia leaving the joists open.
Brown coat
Brown coat. The first fascia board is put on about 2 inches down from the roof, leaving the top open.
The top fascia board is put on spaced with wood blocks for breathing. We put in a bug screen, also.
Finished point looks cool.
Fascia-less dormers are rounded at the top to support the edge of the roof slates. The curve shows off the flexibility of design of the stucco.
Finished house
Chimney cap
Finished front.
Deteriorated chimney cap is re-coated with matching color mortar. We usually do the chimney caps as a matter of routine.