Jim's house
Arlington, Virginia
Foam board on roof
We tore off the white aluminum siding, revealing old wood clapboard siding. After the windows were replaced, we proceeded with the stucco. The old clapboard is covered with tarpaper.
We covered the slate roof with styrofoam to prevent damage before the demo. This is what foam is good for.
We don't put it on the wall.
Slate roof
After the stucco is finished, the foam is removed, revealing
we didn't break a single slate. As far as I know, we haven't broken any slates in 10 years.
Here we are putting up self furring metal lath.
Back troweling
Brown coat
After brown coat has set firm, the wall is combed out. In some places, this is called back troweling. The idea is to comb out any slick spots to provide a good bond for the finish.
Brown coat finished. The next step is the sills.
Sill formed
sill filled
Here, the sills are formed.
The sills are then filled with mortar.More on how we do these sills..
Finished sill
Proud display
Scaffold cam shows the finished sills.
Finished wall. This is phase one. We are now finishing up phase two, the front of the house. Please check back.