Jaime's house
Richmond, Virginia
Tired stucco
Old stucco removed
Old stucco has taken a beating. Peeling paint, leaking flashing and years of sloppy patches justified a re-do.
Old stucco is stripped off.
Old stucco chipped
Old patches torn off
We chipped and recoated on the second floor wall above the new roof. We didn't want to damage the new copper roof, and the stucco was pretty solid.
For more on re-coating old stucco, please click here.
Old  patch from a window replacement was torn out and bricked up. Someone used gutter guard for metal lath. I have to hand it to them for their resourcefulness.
Old stucco gone
Scratch coat on old brick
The stucco under the porch stripped off. There was damage from where someone had put a planter box against the wall, and from an old porch roof leak. Here is a  view of the scratch coat on the old bricks.
We used an acrylic admixture in the scratch coat to ensure a good bond.
window strips
Window returns
Arch window opening is made by using masonite
for the arch. The window returns (sides) are made by using straight one by three's. Our brown coat is straightened in between the strips.
Returns are filled by reversing the strips after the brown coat has set up overnight. The strips are setsquare to the window jamb.
Arch windows finished
dry mix
A view of the finished arch window.

The finish coat is made with white portland cement, lime, and sandblasting sand. We use sandblasting sand a lot for the finish, because of the grading-that is, the size varies from coarse down to a fine powder for good crack resistence. California color from EXPO is dry mixed in a box. The finish is then mixed with a drill in buckets for good color dispersion.
weep screed
Weep screeds are used at the bottom of the wall for water drainage and to keep the stucco slightly up from the ground. The flange on the screed is covered with a strip of metal lath, ready for mortar.
The garage is finished to match the house. A band  of brick is left exposed for a decorative effect.
Parapet wall
Historic stucco in Richmond, VA
A side view of the parapet on the garage shows how we rounded the top for good water run-off.
Nice, huh? We really enjoyed working on this Richmond, Virginia stucco house. I hope to come back down here soon.