Jobs in progress-updated December. 25, 2010
               Almost 12 years of jobs in progress, update # 115 !
Greetings from Virginia. All exterior finishes you see are REAL Portland cement and
REAL sand and not the toxic synthetic (fake) junk  that comes out of a bucket.
Did you know that producing one ton of synthetic stucco finish produces about 8 tons of toxic waste?
Stucco addition and remodel
                                                                      in Washington, DC
                                                                      for Morris-Day
Stucco addition for Morris-Day
stucco addition in Washington, DC
This attractive remodeling project had a series
of additions on this old stone and stucco house.

Scaffold reaches ever skyward. More...
Another stucco addition for
WB Dorman in
Takoma Park, MD
scallop texture stucco
 More... or on the picture                                                                    
This is our 7th or 8th addition we have done
for Brad Dorman.

Scallop texture was done with flamingo
custom color masonry cement
A bag finish was done on this dining room to
duplicate the old texture.

Melissa's house
Washington, DC
plaster ceiling before

plaster ceiling after
BEFORE: Badly water damaged ceiling.

AFTER: Ornamental plaster is restored.  Look any better ?
More... .
ornamental plaster restored

Mouldings in the living room were also replaced.


House stuccoed in
Alexandria, VA
Stucco remodel in Alexandria
bricks prepared     
Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand.
Color is "Tumbleweed" from Expo stucco.
Paint is chipped off the old bricks to prepare for the stucco application.
                                                                       Patch and Match
Ivy creeps under stucco and knocks it
off the blocks.

 I made a separate page for Patch
and Match.