Tudor style stucco house
Haymarket, Virginia

Color is white portland cement and sand each panel is different
Color is white portland cement and sand
colored 2/3 strength with "meadowbrook"
from La Habra stucco. Result is a hint of
color offering a rich contrast with the dark
chocolate brown.
Each panel is done in a random fashion, and each panel is different.
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A true tudor look is made by putting up the tudor boards first and then putting on
the finish coat, allowing a gentle overlap onto the tudor boards. This creates the
effect the tudor boards are supporting weight, and the stucco is weight being
scratch coat stomped with a trowel
knocked down Texture is done in a completely  random
style. Everybody did their own panels,
any way they wanted. 4 plasterers, four signatures. 
Top left:  Finish coat is applied in three steps.
A scratch coat is applied, allowing a good
squish onto the tudor boards. They aren't
blue, they are covered with tape
Top right.   More finish mortar is applied and stomped with a trowel, randomly: in fan shapes, straight lines, heavy, thin, etc.
Left: After mortar sets up, high spots are
knocked down with a trowel in different directions every time.
The result is a another unique stucco project.