pebble dash stucco addition
in Washington DC
for Hamilton Construction
The goal is zero clean up Pebble mix dashed on
Everything taped off and covered up to
put the scratch coat on. The goal is zero clean up.
Pebble mix dashed on.
counter flashing Smart Boy's drip edge
A view of the counter flashing we made and put on. If you have visited my site before, I know you have seen our counter flashing
before. Without a counter flashing on the stucco, the roof will leak, I don't care what Mr. so and so says.
You may have seen Smart Boy's drip edge on our pebble dash jobs before.
These are my design and they work, making sure my wall will last and last.
24 windows to patch Scaffold on roof to stucco dormer
In addition to the addition, we had 24 windows to patch around. Scaffold on roof to stucco dormer. Dormers are another story. Check back another time to see how we do them.