Historic house
in Arlington, VA

Finish coat is REAL 
portland cement and REAL sand, view of the old wall
View of the back wall. Finish coat is REAL 
portland cement and REAL sand, unlike the fake
stuff they put on new houses and shopping centers.
Cement stucco breathes and improves in strength
with age.
A view of the old wall. Here we are patching
and matching.
Stucco Wrap Stucco Wrap
Stucco Wrap torn off , tar paper put on.
I did a test for stucco wrap, believing it would
improve the quality of our product. What I found
out is that the advertising was false.
Please read my review of Stucco Wrap here.
A google search for Stucco Wrap brings up my page, and shows Dupont's page is down.
window sill window sill
A view of the old window sill shows a hand tooled scoop detail, deflecting water to the center of the sill. The sills we did on the new stucco tooled to match.
This was a cool detail that I have never seen.
outside corners rods off the wall
Wood strips are set on outside corners and
window returns, using a string line make sure wall will be straight.
Here, Mynor rods off the wall, or straightens the wall with a 6 foot rod. The shadows from the trees made some bad pictures. I hope you can see what is going on.
window and door returns Wall is soaked with a hose
After the wall sets over night, the window and door returns are stripped and filled. This is how things were done in the 1920's. and how we do them now. Wall is soaked with a hose before applying the finish coat. We are working from 6:00 am to
2:30 to beat the heat.