Stucco addition in
McLean, Virginia
for Gilday Renovations
stucco wrap removed
2 layers of felt paper
We tore off the stucco wrap except for around the windows.
We put on two layers of no. 15 felt paper for a vapor barrier.
self-furring lath
Scratch coat on metal lath
Flange of flashing is overlapped with tarpaper and self-furring metal lath.
Bricks are covered with plastic, and scratch coat put on metal lath.
Brown coat on stucco addition
A wood strip defines the outside corner, and wall is browned and rodded off. I have been trying to get someone to ship me western style corner beads, to no avail. If you are a supplier, send me a quote. For now, we still use the 1920's method.
Carlos sets a screed.
More about screeds

Bay window arrises
Arch inset
Angled arrises  (outside corners) are stripped between the brick and the bay window trim.
Arch inset is formed using a scrap piece of plastic trim.
The plastic only works in warm weather. In cold weather, it breaks. We use hardwood in cold weather.
Finished arch
Interior vestibule
Top is filled in one inch thick, and the the finish coat is applied.

Interior vestibule is stuccoed over drywall to match the outside. The idea is to bring some of the outside inside.
We used acylic additives to bond the basecoat to the drywall. The basecoat is troweled on 1/4" thick and left rough for the finish.
Dash on texture
Knock down texture
Finish coat is applied to bring the wall out to a half inch thickness. A little unconventional, but I like the unconventional.
A view of the finish coat being knocked down.
View of front
The front of the house showing the door surrounds and the arched pediments.