Drain-able EIFS rots framing !
1999 "water managed" EIFS 
manages to cause extensive water damage.
how to tear off EIFS wide gob of caulk&
Flimsy EIFS garbage is easily scraped off.
People write to ask for suggestions on how to tear off EIFS. The best tool we have found is a flat garden spade.
The outside skin is poked and peeled like an
orange. Then the foam scraped off.
It has been my experience on these EIFS
tear-offs that anywhere the foam contacts 
wood, the wood is wet and has some rot.
Usually the edges have a wide gob of caulk 
(see below).
It seems that this gob of caulk creates rot, too.
tubes were stopped up Tearing of the dryvit
BEFORE- Note the tubes exiting the wall.
What you see is two clear plastic tubes exiting
from a metal flashing put on top of this brick water table. the idea is that water trapped behind the EIFS exits from the tubes. The back side of the tubes were stopped up with chunks 
of foam. (What did you expect ?)
Tearing of the dryvit, we found the back of these 
flashings were angled down toward the
wall, instead of being angled down toward the 
front. Everywhere foam contacted wood was 
wet and showed rot, like these window jambs.
This material, drainable EIFS, came out about 1999 as a replacement for regular EIFS, which was proven to cause rot. This material was never tested or proven before being sold to the public.
Two windows were so far gone they had to be completely replaced EIFS in Washington, DC
Two windows were so far gone they had to be completely replaced. Rotten plywood sheathing you see here was replaced. This hole shows how the EIFS was done. First a
layer of tyvek, then a mat that looked like 
wadded up fishing line. The foam was put on
using screws with plastic washers.
EIFS tear-off there is rot everywhere
BEFORE- here is the wide gob of caulk I mentioned before. There has been a lot of this caulking on the other EIFS tear-offs we did. It always seems that there is rot everywhere 
the caulking touches the wood.
foam blows all over the place lath and stucco in Washington, DC
A leaf vacuum is the ticket for cleaning up foam. The white foam blows all over the place and looks like snow. It doesn't sink into the ground and doesn't biodegrade, either. The synthetic finish is toxic, also. Tarpaper on, ready for lath and stucco.
We are almost finished now, but will have 
details the next update.
You may have seen other EIFS tear offs we
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