Remodel and re-stucco
in Arlington, VA
sill shows excellent sill
design in Arlington, VA back of house
A close up of the window sill shows excellent sill design. Bottom is angled down so water drips off and not back to the wall, assuring that this wall will last and last. A view of the back of the finished back of the house.
mixing room paint colors for stucco in Arlington, VA
A heated mixing room is made in the garage. White portland cement and white silica sand is dry mixed in the box. Sand is graded from medium to very fine for good resistence to cracking and strength. After several attempts, I got the color to what the homeowner wanted. I had the tint put in cans at Sherwin-Williams. Computer mixing is accurate to 1/64th of an ounce.  Each can will make four gallons of wet mix. The smaller quanities made less margin for error. The wet mix was made in a garbage can, large quanities for uniformity.
wet mix Wet mix is poured into buckets and dry mix is shoveled in and mixed with a drill.
rough cast stones bands
Paint is chipped off cast rough stones. Scratch coat (first coat) is mixed with Flexcon, a bonding admixture, for insurance that this will never fall off the wall. A view of the decorative bands. The brown coat,
(second coat where the wall is straightened) is
finished first, then the bands are formed and filled.
We don't work with flimsy foam like you see on so many new houses.
finished band snow hardship
Finished band. Note how the top is angled for good water run off. Maynor rubs the finish with a rubber float. A wanted to show what 3 feet of snow looks like,
for those in warmer climates who have never seen such a thing. 
path in snow spook house
We shoveled a path around the yard to carry materials. Heat tent looks like a spook house.
brown coat Brown coat is rodded off, (straightened with a rod.)
The tent and heaters make this possible.
before after
Four different surfaces come together here.
Old wood framing, new wood framing, cast rough stone and real stone.
Finished wall has a seamless appearance, just like
1926 again.