Remodel and re-stucco
in Arlington, VA
old stucco removed new addition
Lath and stucco stripped off showing old style
one by six sheathing.
A view of the roof extension and addition.
metal brake flashing over windows
Window flashing bent with a metal brake.
Heater makes this a little more pleasant.
Flashing covers the front and side of window molding by 3/4".
kickout flashing chipping old cas blocks
kick out flashing keeps water from running behind wall. Old painted cast blocks are chipped with an electric chipping hammer and prepared for scratch coat.
drip edge scafflod clips for heat tent
Bottom of bay window wall is extended using
a plaster stop. This prevents water from running back under the ceiling.
These black scaffold clips help a lot in building a tent.
brown coat Brown coat on back of house. Please check back for the next update to see this project finished.