Pebble dash stucco on two new houses
in Bethesda Maryland

Tearing off the Tyvek Scratch coat on metal lath.
Tearing off the Tyvek. If you have visited my site before you know we tear off the Tyvek and put on tar paper for better crack resistence. Scratch coat on metal lath has set for two 
days. Brown coat and pebble mix are put on the same day.
"wash". the pebble mix
We left a curve where the stucco meets the 
stone water table. This is called a "wash". 
This was done on old houses to divert water away from the wall.
Mynor dashes on the pebble mix. 
For a 4 second movie of throwing on 
pebble dash, click here. (Shift+click 
to save to file.) "Pebble-dash" starring 
Juan C.