Mercedes Benz dealer
Arlington, VA

bad roof flashing tarpaper
and lath is applied
Stucco wall is victim of bad roof flashing. Old wall stripped off. New tarpaper and lath is applied.
brown coat 3 baby squirrels
Applying brown coat. Scratch coat has set for 2 days. I found 3 baby squirrels in the wall.
I took them home to take care of them.
2 survived 2 days, and one died 4 days later.
Oh well, I tried.
portland and sand colored Finished wall. Finish coat is white
portland and sand colored with x-25,
"saddleback" from La Habra Stucco that
I had leftover. Coincidently, it matched the 
old color exactly.
The roof flashing still needs to be reworked.
Stucco should last forever if water doesn't get behind the wall.