Fallon, Myers and Marshall Building Warrenton, Virginia

plaster on stone removed
The effloresence on these old plaster walls has been patched umpteen times already. Putting a
dehumidifier in the air conditioning system didn't seem to help much. Effloresence is when plaster
bubbles up due to excess moisture.

Old plaster is stripped off to the old brick and
in this case, stone.

old plaster torn off
plaster basement
Old plaster is gone. Sorry for the crummy pictures, but I lost my camera while we were
working here and all the pictures I have were taken with my cell phone.

Brown coat is cement plaster just like we use for stucco. Here the brown coat is straightened waiting for the finish coat.
cement plaster basement
plaser replaced
One of the offices is finished. Finish coat is
a natural white portland cement and sand color.
I don't think they plan to paint it.

Finish coat.
Cement plaster

Cement plaster should stand up to humidity and abuse for years.