Stucco addition in Arlington, VA

plastic lath
plastic lath
We use metal lath for our jobs. I'm glad I never
got sucked into buying this plastic lath. After a few seasons, it deteriorated to the point that it could be ripped off the wall easily, like paper.

Lath lies flat on the wall, not allowing for mortar
to squish behind it. As a result, very little support
is provided.

stucco wrap
stucco wrap
Another monument to mediocrity is this pile of plastic lath on the ground. The stucco wrap
is also deteriorated and has the same resistance
as newspaper.

Stucco wrap waiting to be torn off.
brown coat
slate roof
After a layer of tar paper, metal lath, the brown coat is on. I lost my camera so I'm am missing pictures for what happened in between.
Slate roof is protected with Styrofoam. These roofs break easily, and are expensive to repair.
Styrofoam is the ticket for cushioning the weight
of the scaffold boards.

Metal roof
finished addition
Metal roof is protected with a layer of plastic and

Finish coat is white Portland cement and white sand. The color is a custom color from Expo stucco in San Diego.
Roof intersection
kickout flashing
A view of the back wall.

Kick out flashing is a piece of sheet metal we
put on behind the roof flange. This way, water is diverted into the gutter and doesn't run down
behind the gutter into the wall.