Old stucco replaced
Capitol Hill area
Washington, DC
Flashing over window
the window causes ROT BELOW window. 
lack of flashing causes rot
This window never had flashing above. After the stucco
and big gob of caulk was removed, you can see the source of water infiltration.

This is the same window, I just couldn't stand back
far enough on the scaffold to take a picture of the whole window.
Stucco is a porous material. Water penetratrates
the stucco, runs behind the window moulding, between the jamb and the framing,or between the moulding and the sheathing and rots below the lower corners of the window. This is typical of the EIFS tear-offs we did, and rot occurs in stucco or other applications if there is no flashing over the window.
flashing windows
Ugly bottom
New flashing is put on,and the top is overlapped with
2 layers of tarpaper and lath and stucco. No more rot.
Stucco was done first and concrete was done last. Water penetrating the stucco will run into the basement. Note how the bottom is all flaky.
This is typical of most of the bottoms we see with
no weep or drainage. Have an ugly bottom ? I can handle it.
flashing and weepscreed
Crooked corner
Flashing is put over concrete to keep basement from
leaking. We put on a weep screed for drainage to keep the bottom from flaking.
Snake-like corner is straightened.
arris straightened
door surround
Corner is straightened by nailing a 1 x 6 up and filling in.
Area around door is neatened up by putting on
a stucco surround.
window surround
bonding coat on rear wall
Here the finish coat on the REAL stucco surround is floated up. It is hard to believe that people  glue up flimsy foam around a door. Who could take pride in a product like that?
The back side had never been painted and wasn't
quite as wavy. We coated the back wall with a bonding coat of Flex con and mortar.
back wall finished
Finished stucco

Finish coat is REAL white portland cement, and REAL white sand, or more specifically, crushed quartz.
Finished back. Note the safe scaffold with walkways between and guard rails.