siding off, stucco on, Potomac, Maryland

weep screeds
counter flashing
This is what weep screeds are made for, foundation slabs. If water runs down the wall and sits on the concrete slab, the water can rot the plate, the horizontal 2 x 4 at the bottom.
The weep screed overlaps the slab, preventing rot
to the plate. Also weep holes at the bottom allow
water to drain out of the stucco. Later, the weep
screed will be overlapped with tarpaper to prevent water from running behind the weep.
We put on a counter flashing over the step flashing. Note the kick out flashing we put
on over the trim.
The studs
              are marked
The old celotex is left in place. Rotted plywood is replaced with new OSB.
My secret trick: The studs are marked when we
put on the tarpaper by nailing every stud.
That way, we don't miss the stud when we nail on the lath.
Roof is
              covered with plastic
self-furring metal lath
Roof is covered with plastic and metal stop (casing bead) is nailed overlapping the flashing
on the dormers.
2 layers of tarpaper are put on overlapping the weep. Here, self-furring metal lath is put on.
Brown coat on the garage side
siding off, stucco on in
              Potomac, MD.
Brown coat on the garage side.
Another finished product.