Resurfacing painted stucco.
  on this historic house in Washington, DC

ornate cast cement panel
Columns and decorative bands were re-coated
We have done one side a year on this house for
the last five years. Here, we are doing the garage, too. It is sad to finally finish.
You may have seen this before. The wall is chipped into the old basecoat for a good bond.
chip the wall into
              the basecoat using electric chipping hammer
wall is chipped into the old basecoat about
              every three inches or so
Care was used not to damage the details like this
A thin basecoat is applied using a bonding admixture for adhesion. This is a very solid, very permanent bond.
More details on this method on Stucco News.
Wall is chipped up and the loose
              paint is scraped off
bonding coat is put on first using
A weep hole is cut into the retaining wall
and fitted with a plastic pipe.
Color cement finish is drying out. Natural color shows variations and mottling so you
know this is real.
All our chimneys have a band at the
              top for a drip edge
chimneys have coins stuck in the
We always re coat the cap on our chimneys.
All our chimneys have coins stuck in the top for a time capsule.