EIFS replaced with stucco in Leesburg, Virginia

EIFS application
Stucco brown coat
EIFS panel lies in the snow, like a monument to mediocrity. The panel blew off in one big piece.
Wall is filled and straightened within a quarter
inch of the back of the trim.
Paint color
Color cement stucco
The finish color was made by using paint colorant (tint) from Sherwin Williams.
The color is mixed into our liquid mix, half flex-con and half water. The dry mix, white portland cement and white sand, is shoveled into the liquid mix and mixed in buckets with a drill.
We're planning a video to show how this is done.
Color stucco finish
Stucco gable
Applying color finish. Finish coat comes out just to the back of the trim.
House is back to normal. Stucco on, EIFS garbage off.