Synthetic garbage
replaced on Toll Brothers Home,
Herndon, Virginia
Real stucco on chimney
Sonneborn finish
Finished chimney matches almost exactly. Finish is REAL Portland cement and REAL sand. Color is "ivory"
from Expo stucco.
Synthetic finish is flapping in the wind after
7 short years.
EIFS installation
Total Wall
Band at top is foam EIFS. It already had holes in it. The top was coated with a thin coat of some crumbly stuff put over a plastic cloth. Some stupid boy drove nails through the roof
and covered the holes with some caulking, which
had already dried up and was crumbling off.
Apparently, there was a two by four or something nailed here for a scaffold, probably
to put the synthetic garbage on the chimney.
Sonneborn synthetic stucco
Without a kick out flashing, water runs into the wall, and between the gutter and the wall.
Black stuff from the roof runs into the wall, and
exits out of the wall.
kick out flashing
chimney shoulders
I made a kick out flashing from a scrap piece of
aluminium. Kick out is tucked behind the step flashing, and diverts water into the gutter.
The synthetic stucco is cut away, and a counter flashing is put on. We re-did the flashing, and fixed the holes on the roof.
We made chimney shoulders out of two flagstones. You may seen how we do this before.
If not please click here.
Chimney cap finished
time capsule
Chimney cap was done in white.
I put 4 state quarters in the cap.
how to stucco a chimney

There you have it, sports fans.

I never thought the color would match this
good. The color was left over from Jaime's
 Richmond, Virginia stucco house. I just happened to have

The flagstones are real flagstones and
match the other stonework on the house.

We're making videos on the job these days.

Please come back and check them out.