Historic house re-stuccoed
in Washington, DC
              falling off
Old stucco removed
Old stucco was re coated some years back, and
the newer stuff didn't bond.
No, this isn't an abandoned HUD project. Windows are covered with Masonite to protect from damage when old stucco is torn off.
deteriorated masonry
Wood lintel
              replaced with steel
Deteriorated wood lintel has seen better days.

A new steel lintel is put on and bricked in. Mortar
is mixed with plenty of Flex-con for strength and a
good bond. If it wasn't for Flex-con, I would be afraid to tackle a project like this.
Old stone lintel has no support. Apparently, someone took out a window and put in a wider window. The second window was taken out and bricked up, without support for the lintel.
A few solid bricks, and problem solved.
Another wood lintel is replaced with steel. If you
are wondering why we put the lintel in backwards, because we didn't have to tear out more bricks than we have to. The front is covered with lath and stucco anyway.

The scratch coat will be mixed with plenty of
Flex-con, and squished in real good between the bricks.

A weep screed is put on at the bottom to allow for drainage. Note how bad the brick joints are deteriorated at the bottom. When water penetrates the stucco, (or brick), in runs down
and is trapped at the bottom. The old lime mortar
dissolves after time.

There is also a small gap in the bottom to allow for drainage from the brick.
Splay angle
Screeds for splay angle
A splay angle (an inside corner more than 90 degrees) is straightened with this method.
If you have ever done any plastering, you know these are hard to get straight. Two string lines
are set a couple inches from the angle with nails.
The strings are pulled to the top of the wall to the
thickness of the wall. A screed is set by packing behind the string with mortar.

Brown coat
Window screeds
Pretty durn straight, huh ?
Screeds are set around the windows using wood
strips. This is also called stripping.
Stucco chimney
Traditional color cement stucco
I put my coins in the chimney before the mortar
set up all the way. All our chimneys have rounded cap at the top, and a drip lip, or a band
at the top. This makes the chimney last by keeping so much water from running down the chimney.
Color finish is applied and floated.

What is a float finish ? Please click here to
watch a video.