Stucco addition in Washington, DC

The bottom is dug out to make sure the framing isn't below the grade. This could be a termite trap and cause of rot.
Picture shows a weep screed put on at the bottom of the wall. The weep screed provides drainage for water that soaks into the stucco. The flange on the weep is overlapped with two layers of tarpaper.
After 2 layers of tarpaper and self furring metal lath are put on, the trim and windows are taped off and covered with plastic.  The wood  over the door is a nailer for the stairway.
Same picture, zoomed out.
A mystic secret is revealed. This wall is too big for all of us to finish in one operation. Here's how we did it with no control joints. First, we put a strip of tape on the brown coat with a level.
We finished and floated the first section, and
pulled off the tape.
Next, we taped off the edge of the first section, and finished up to it.
Looks fine. You cant see the wall was really done in three sections unless you look real close.