Chimneys R us
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              stucco removed
stucco chimney in
                Alexandria, VA
Offensive garbage is easily stripped off.

People that put this garbage on: you aren't stucco contractors. Why not quit lying to the public and

call this stuff fake stucco like it is.
Our typical finished chimney: Top is sealed and rounded off for good water runoff. The band at
the top is a drip edge to prevent water from running down the wall. The stucco is an honest 3/4" thick with an honest cement and sand finish.
The color was left over from the house in Prince George's county.
Chimney in Chevy Chase has severe
Stucco chimney in Chevy Chase
Chimney in Chevy Chase has severe rot after 10
short years. Kick out flashings would have prevented this.
This is one of the metal caps you see on new houses.
The top is usually flat or mostly even lower in the center like a funnel allowing water to drip down inside the chimney. Here the galvanized metal is painted to prevent rust and covered with metal lath and stucco.
flagstone is put on the shoulder
finished stucco chimney
A block of flagstone is put on the shoulder.
Our finished chimney: Kickout flashings to deflect water into the gutter, new counter flashings on the roof lines, flagstone shoulders that won't leak, and a cap at the top that is rounded for water to run off.