Toll Brothers garbage replaced in Vienna, Virginia

              sheathing was wet
wall had buckled
Toll Brothers in Virginia
Plywood sheathing was wet, but at least wasn't rotten. The tarpaper was put on poorly, not covering the top edge. The bottom was plywood, the rest of the wall had ThermaPly (glorified cardboard).
I used a plaster stop as a straight edge to show how far the wall had buckled. Toll Brothers hired a Russian guy from Chicago with a large crew of illegal aliens to put this stuff on.
Another view of the buckling.
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              Brothers in Virginia
The mortar
              on the chimney
one coat stucco
The top of the chimney shows why the "stucco" on the chimney failed. Water ran into these blocks like a sieve. The outside band is foam EIFS.  Toll Brothers claimed in signed letters to buyers, there was no EIFS on these houses.
The mortar on the chimney was coming loose, and I could wiggle it with my hands.
We pulled the old thin one coat stucco off a little at a time. This is the same stuff the cheap competition claims is real stucco.
self-furring metal lath
Quarters are embedded in the chimney
The wall was covered with two layers of tarpaper, and self-furring metal lath with a weep screed at the bottom.
An action shot of the brown coat.
Quarters are embedded in the chimney cap.
I promise this chimney won't leak.
The finished wall was painted
The finished wall was painted 30 days later with elastomeric paint.

The EIFS quoins were taped off and left alone.
Toll Brothers replaced the EIFS on over 140 houses
in northern Virginia with one-coat "stucco" and
a synthetic finish, after a long winded lawsuit.
    Toll Brothers lost the lawsuit on the grounds of
fraud, (a criminal act), claiming their houses
had "stucco details", when in fact they had foam
EIFS details.
    What did they put back on ? MORE EIFS details.
    Toll Brothers circulated this letter to home buyers
that these houses were real stucco, but in fact were
the next generation of fake stucco with EIFS details.
   Where was the Washington Post ? Why didn't
the nation's muckraking news source report any of this ? Toll Brothers is a big advertiser.
   An executive with the Washington Post told me this. I can prove it if I have to.
    Sadly enough, the Washington Post sold out the consumer again.
If you want the truth, ask me.