Wood siding replaced with stucco in Springfield, Virginia

Here's how we did it:

The half price competition was here.

The old apron flashing on the shed roof dormer was tired and needed to go.

The wing we recoated had the original color stucco.

Siding off, tar paper and lath on.

Windows never had flashing.

New flashing over the windows

Flashing is put on over window

Roof is covered with tar paper. Here the brown coat is rodded off.

Rot caused by lack of a kick out flashing at the roof line.

A view of the side of the dormer

We put in a kick out flashing

The finish is a Spanish texture with small blobs, close together.

Ugly expansion joints ripped out

The color is mixed in a Garbage can, with flexcon and water.

Gaps from flashing installation, expansion joints, etc. are filled with lath
	    and mortar with flexcon

The color is Oklahoma White from Sherwin-Williams

I used paint tint from Sherwin-Williams to color the cement finish mortar.

Heather helped with her mini bobcat

Finished wing (left) on this colorful house.

Sure looks better than that dadburn ole siding