Fake stucco rots this new house
in Arlington, Virginia

synthetic finish in Arlington, Virginia
fake stucco in Arlington,
It is sad that this beautiful modernistic house is
eaten up with rot after 4 short years.
The finish coat material is the same highly toxic
synthetic finish used on EIFS. It is a rubbery
paint with plastic sand.
The main source of the severe rot is the lack of
flashing and the poor workmanship.
Note how under the window is level, allowing
water to run back into the house, and soak in
the fake stucco.
metal expansion joint
A flimsy piece of Tyvek was put on before the fake  stucco. The tyvek doesn't even go under the window.
You can see the water stain behind where the metal expansion joint was.
metal expansion joint leaks
Deteriorated Tyvek
The back side of the metal expansion joint shows
it has holes and is badly rusted.
These joints leak.
The American Portland Cement Association
recommends tar paper for cement stucco, and not Tyvek. Deteriorated Tyvek shows rips everywhere there was a nail. This is why we usually tear off the Tyvek. If someone insists on leaving on the Tyvek, we nail a layer of tar paper over top.
what is keeping this house from leaking
We removed the offensive garbage
Tell me what is keeping this house from leaking.
Wouldn't you be mad if your competition was this incompetent.?
We removed the offensive garbage by cutting
the wall about every three feet with a diamond
blade, and pried off the fake stucco in panels.
framing under the
              windows is cut
The framing under the windows is cut
back with a reciprocating saw.
The plan is to insert a stiff piece of metal up
under the flange on the window at an angle.

Please check back to see how we rescue this house.