Historic renovation of Capitol Hill 7th Day Adventist Church
in  Washington, DC. Inside plaster repaired.
ceilings over the balconies are scaffolde
molding plaster and lime
The holes were caused by the roof leaking.
The ceilings over the balconies are scaffolded off using plaster jacks.
Wood lath is covered with metal lath and filled with molding plaster and lime.

view of the scaffold
plaster repair in Washington, DC
A view of the scaffold from below.
Loose and deteriorated areas are cut out
and patched.
center of the dome
ornamental plaster dome
A scaffold is built on top of the big scaffold to reach the center of the dome.
Dome painted, scaffold removed.
The 40+ foot high ornamental plaster dome is returned to it's original elegance. The stained glass is being re-done. 
plaster repair
              in Washington, DC

We had quite a few plaster repair projects around the church, and have more to do
as other work progresses.

I have a cool job coating the concrete steps,
with colored sand and white portland.
after the concrete is done.

Please check back.