Historic renovation
Capitol Hill 7th Day Adventist Church
in Washington, DC
Capitol Hill 7th Day Adventist Church in
              Washington, DC
Stucco band repaired
Another view of the workmanship on this nice old
church. The stucco moldings were run in place.
A lot of the features were hand tooled.
The old band above the door was falling apart,
and had been patched a couple times before.
old band is torn off.
The new band is formed and filled.
When in doubt, tear it out.

After the first layer is formed and filled, the bands
are formed with 2 by 4's and 1 x 4's and filled in.
The sides are trued up
Stucco band repaired
The sides are trued up with one by's and white mortar.
Stucco band repaired, just like 1910.
Stucco columns re-done
Coating stucco columns.
The columns are re-coated by first chipping them
up. This removes most of the old paint and provides
a good bond to the old basecoat.
If you haven't seen how we re-coat old painted stucco, please click here.
Next, we trowel on a basecoat, cement mortar
with plenty of flexcon. Here, we mixed Flex-con
75% to 25% water to make sure these columns
never fail. The surface is left rough by scoring
with a brush.
The finish coat is
              white Portland cement and white sand
crumbling, spalling
              bricks on chimney are stabilized
The finish coat is white Portland cement and white sand. After the finish coat has set up for a while a neat line is cut between the column and the old wall.
I hope you can figure out what this is. The crumbling, spalling brick are stabilized by dashing on (throwing) a mix of mortar with plenty of flex-con. This is allowed to set up good before proceeding any further.
chimney is
re-stuccoing the
Fast forward: The chimney is finished with white
portland and sand. We now have a solid chimney
which should las for centuries.
We are now re-stuccoing the dome. This deserves
a lot of attention, so please check back next update.
A view of the US Capitol and the
              Washington monument

A view of the US Capitol from the scaffold.
You can see the Washington monument in the

This is a good size project for us, and will be done
in different phases. We're also repairing the
inside plaster.

Please check back to see more.